Powerful, Natural Tattoo Aftercare

Welcome to CrocArt, where your passion for tattooistry meets our commitment to exceptional tattoo aftercare. A tattoo isn’t just a piece of art, it’s an expression of self, a statement of personality, and lifelong commitment. It’s also a process that leaves your skin vulnerable to infections and scarring. Nobody wants that. Effective tattoo aftercare treatment ensures your tattoo heals perfectly.

We work with top tattoo artists all over the UK. Our artists want the best aftercare options for their clients, and we’re happy to provide. CrocArt products are natural, ethically sourced aftercare that is packed with nutrients that promote fast and astonishingly effective healing in the skin.

Not only is it the perfect way to treat your skin after getting inked, our pure CrocodOil’s remarkable properties make it the perfect pre-tattoo treatment partner. After all, great works of art deserve the best possible canvas.

Our CrocArt Range Heals, Hydrates, Rejuvenates And Restores Tattooed Skin...

If you are looking for a natural, sustainable, and luxurious tattoo aftercare treatment, CrocArt heals, hydrates, rejuvinates and restores.


Preparing Your Canvas

Our skin preparation oil eases the discomfort caused by psoriasis, eczema and dry skin to create a smooth, even ‘canvas’.

If you are looking for a natural, sustainable, and luxurious tattoo aftercare treatment, CrocArt heals, hydrates, rejuvinates and restores.


For A Fresh New Start

Our tattoo wash is enriched with pure crocodile oil, to keep the freshly tattooed skin clean and hydrated.

tattoo aftercare cream


Our Bestselling Aftercare

Croclite has a soothing and healing effect that accelerates the healing process and minimises discomfort.



For The Best Pro

Our ProBalm process cream has a silky texture and a smooth finish to improve customer experience.



A latex-free matt tattoo skin, ultra-thin, super strong and waterproof.

CrocSkin is designed to enhance the way tattoos heal.

Ultra thin 0.01mm thick, CrocSkin is flexible and strong, making it easier to apply and keep on. It's waterproof and breathable so reduces the risk of sweat and irritation.


Artist? Stand Out From The Crowd...

Want to join an elite group with fantastic benefits? We provide the best tattoo artists with quality products that enhance their artistry by preparing the skin before inking, and caring for it after. Whether you’re using CrocArt in-studio or sending clients home with their own, their tats will thank you for it.

Your Body? A Work Of Art...

Your body is a work of art and we are committed to giving you the best products to take care of it. We’ve also teamed up with the most talented tattoo artists around. If you’re searching for the perfect tattooist to work with, check out some of the exceptionally talented artists we’re proud to supply.