Capture the brilliance of a tropical jungle, or piercing blue eyes of beloved children. Anything’s possible with colour realism tattoo designs.

Have you ever come across a tattoo whose colour and lines were so vibrant that it looked more like an actual photograph than a tattoo?

It was probably a well-executed example of a colour realism tattoo.

This peculiar style is one of the most incredible examples of professionalism and talent in tattoo artists. When it’s done correctly, it’s one of the genres that is increasing in popularity amongst tattoo lovers. 

A key consideration when choosing your realism specialist is to appreciate that the best wildlife artist may not be the right person if you’re wanting a human portrait. The skill of capturing the essence of someone’s character and personality is very different to other types of realism such as wildlife or even a family pet

That’s why we’ve worked on a CrocArt approved guide to get you ready for the best colour realism tattoo of your life.

Capture the brilliance of a tropical jungle, or piercing blue eyes of beloved children. Anything’s possible with colour realism tattoo designs.

How to Choose the Right Subject…

The first thing to do when thinking about a new inking is to think about the style and subject you feel like displaying on your skin. 

After all, this might be the only life-long commitment that you make!

Whether you’re a tattoo novice or a veteran, there are several things that you have to keep in mind before booking your session, you might have a lot of indecision going on. Here’s what you should be doing before picking your tattoo…

Finding The Inspiration: How To Make Sure That You Have A Unique Piece

There are several places to start from when getting a new piece done. And being doubtful or apprehensive is absolutely normal, that’s why we are here to help you. Here are the best places to start from to get the best inspo for your body art!

#1 Pinterest

Whenever you need your daily dose of inspiration for artistic projects, Pinterest is the place to start. It can be resourceful for picking out your next tattoo idea. You can search for whatever you've got in mind, as well as searching for “colour realism tattoos” in the toolbar and get ready to take note of the subjects that you like the most! 

#2 Tattoo Artists’ Portfolios

There’s no problem in getting in touch with a tattoo artist who specialises in colour realism and asking them to help you choose the ideal subject for your body artwork, they welcome the interaction from an interested client.  For you, it’s a great introduction to see if you will get along with the artist, you like the ambience of the studio and remember, you’ll be spending a good few hours, or even days, with this person

They will most likely take you through their portfolio and get a general idea of what you like and dislike about the works they have done in the past. After that, they will take your favourite subject and tweak it based on your personality, lifestyle and taste! 

#3 Social Media Galleries

Social media are an incredible place where artists can display their artworks. Joining specific groups on Facebook or following certain hashtags on Instagram can be a great starting point. By seeing several pieces a day you’ll get the gist of what colour realism means in terms of style and will find many ideas that match your interests. 

You will be able to find design ideas in the style you like and work with the artist to create an original piece that is exactly as you want it.

Capture the brilliance of a tropical jungle, or piercing blue eyes of beloved children. Anything’s possible with colour realism tattoo designs.

The Best Colour Realism Tattoos Ideas…

When it comes to colour realism tattoos, anything is possible. Think of something colourful, vibrant and rich in details and that’s probably something that would look amazing as a colour realistic tattoo. 

But if you need some more specific ideas as to where to start, here’s our list of personal favourite ideas for a sensational colour realistic tattoo:

#1 Flowers

Flowers are an amazing subject for almost all the available tattoo styles. But nothing is more perfect than colour realism tattoos to get incredible flowers on your skin. 

The richness in detail and colours make them the most immediate choice of a subject for this style.

Our Pro Tip:

Did you know that each flower has a hidden meaning? There is a whole 'language' of flowers, so what are you trying to say with your tattoo? Figure out the message you want to convey, and they create a design that says it in flowers! 

#2 Wildlife

Some of the most beautiful tattoos capture the wildness of nature. Wildlife tattoos have vibrancy, movement and action that can be captured by colour realism. It could be the dramatic impact of a lion kill, a mysterious crocodile emerging from murky depths, or a hummingbird in delicate flight.  Colour realism can capture the tension and passion of the natural wild world.  

Our Pro Tip:

Some of the most popular colour realism designs capture the magic and enigma of a jungle or African wildlife. There’s a reason for this! These designs look spectacular in colour realism. The vibrant colours of a jungle’s flora and fauna are brought to vivid life on your skin, while the complex majesty of African creatures can be done true justice in this style.

#3 Portraits

We all love our families and friends. That’s why portrait tattoos are extremely common amongst all generations of tattoo lovers. And realism is the best style for it. While with black and grey realism you will have a more dramatic and less vibrant effect, with colour realism tattoos you will be able to display a picture reproduction on your skin!

Our Pro Tip:

Whatever subject you will choose for your portrait, find a picture of them that holds a special memory. They don’t just have to look beautiful! 

#4 Your Beloved Pet

Pets are parts of our families, and as such, they are quite frequently chosen as a portrait subject by many tattoo enthusiasts. Thanks to colour realism tattoos you will be able to carry around your favourite picture of your pet on your skin. 

Our Pro Tip:

If you don’t have a pet but you enjoy animal subjects, you can decide to take a look into the mythological and symbolic meanings of animals and pick the one you prefer based on that. 

Capture the brilliance of a tropical jungle, or piercing blue eyes of beloved children. Anything’s possible with colour realism tattoo designs.

#5 Fictional Characters

Whether it’s your favourite Shelby from Peaky Blinders, Star Wars' Princess Leia, or The Walking Dead’s Negan, the best way to portray a fictional character in all of their nuances is through realism and colour. 

Our Pro Tip:

You don’t have to choose your favourite fictional character. If you want to honour the memory of someone who has passed, you could choose to have a portrait of their favourite characters to remember them by. 

#6 Space 

Galaxies, meteors, black holes, planets… You name it. Human beings have always been fascinated and intimidated by the vastness of space, but when it comes to tattoos space subjects are amongst the most loved ones. Colour realism is capable of adding a tri-dimensionality to your favourite galaxy that could easily confuse NASA radar! 

Our Pro Tip:

Stars and planets are incredibly versatile subjects. If you want to give them a deeper meaning, you can choose to tattoo how the stars were positioned on your or a loved one’s birthday!

#7 Famous Paintings or Statues

Art is amazing and offers a wide variety of ideas for tattoos. If you are a fan of Van Gogh or Monet, you could choose to have one of their most famous works always on you. Colour realism is the way to go!

Our Pro Tip:

If you want to sport someone else’s artwork as a tattoo, you could also pick one of your friends’ paintings to show your appreciation. 

The Best Tips For A Perfect Result

Before getting your tattoo done you might want to make sure that everything is in the best condition. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind before getting your new inking done…

#1 How’s Your Skin Been Doing Lately?

A painter has a canvas whereas a tattoo artist has… your skin. The best way to prepare for getting a new tattoo is to make sure that your skin conditions are optimal.

Prep that canvas!

This is particularly essential if you are going for a realistic tattoo design, as uneven skin tone or texture will affect how the final design looks.

If you have problematic skin, a pre-tattoo treatment like CrocPure can be used a few weeks ahead of getting your new ink, to help clear up any eczema or psoriasis, and other skin conditions, bringing your skin back to its optimal condition, ready for new ink!

#2 Have You Picked The Right Tattoo Artist?

Choosing the most qualified tattoo artist is as essential as making sure that you have picked the suitable subject. 

When browsing for the right artist, make sure to check their portfolio, their customers’ reviews and if they are a part of a pre-existing network of talented artists. Definitely don’t just stick for the cheapest, find the one that can truly match your expectations! Be aware, if you’re not happy with your finished tattoo, the artist cannot rub it out - tattoos are permanent!  

#3 Don’t Drink On The Day Of Your Session

Did you know that drinking alcohol on the day or day before your session can increase the pain and bleeding chances? The slightest amount of alcohol could also increase your anxiety and make the tattoo experience less than pleasurable for you, so best avoid alcohol for several days before your sitting.

Make sure to drink plenty of water as hydration is one of the staples of healthy skin and body!

#4 Aftercare Is Fundamental

After having a tattoo done, you might be tempted to think that this is it.

It is for the artist, but it's not for you! Newly done tattoos require the utmost aftercare, using quality products that can ensure the best of healing. 

Our range of aftercare products is rich in a natural and organic ingredient, crocodile oil, that has awesome properties which make it perfect for healing your inkings.

#5 Take A Lot Of Pictures (And Tag Us On Social Media!)

We love taking part in your tattoo-related experiences. After getting your piece done apply one of our aftercare products and take a picture for us to see how it goes!

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