Tattoos on problem skin

Tattoos on problem skin might strike you as a bit of a no no, but they don't have to be. You have been just dying to get this really cool tattoo. It’s all picked out, you know where it’s going, you’ve told everybody about it and… then your skin breaks out. Typical!


It’s itchy, flaking and sore. There’s no way the uber cool tattoo guy in town is going to be able to tattoo anything on to that. Wrong.


Tattoos on problem skin don't have to be a problem.

It’s all about preparing the canvas. It wouldn’t matter what you were painting on to. A wall, a car, your skin. It all needs to be prepped properly. Cleaned, smoothed, primed. Your skin is no different. Using Croc 100% pure oil before you get your tattoo can help prepare your skin for the art it’s about to take, ease the symptoms and used with our aftercare, prolong the colour and vibrancy of your tattoo.


Depending on how uncomfortable your skin is will depend on how early you need to start using CrocOil on it. If your skin is very dry and flaky then daily for at least 10 days would be our recommendation. Used regularly before your tattoo, skin will show a marked improvement in the texture and condition.


CrocOil is enriched with natural skin strengthens and conditioners. It is high in Omega 3,6, & 9 plus a host of other powerful skin revitalising elements. Ideal for even sensitive skin, it helps to moisturise and aid skin repair. The skin rejuvenating properties of the serum help to create a smooth, crisp surface for your tattoo. In turn, giving your tattoo crisp clean lines and more vibrant colour.


CrocOil is not sticky or greasy so won’t clog up your skin while its caring for it. If you are using one of our Elite Artists for your ink then there’s a good chance they will be using our Pro products during your sitting.


Of course, after your tattoo it’s important to take care of it too. Using our CrocArt aftercare range of washes and repair creams hydrates the skin. Reducing scabbing and minimising the loss of colour and definition. It not only helps tattoos heal more quickly, but will, if applied regularly help to keep the colour rich and vibrant for years to come.


So, don’t panic, stay calm, have great skin and that amazing tattoo you wanted with a little help from us here at Croc.


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Tattoos on problem skin