how to look after a new tattoo

How to look after a new tattoo

You’ve been inked…

Did it hurt? Did it take ages? Do you loooove it? There are loads of questions that everybody’s asking you right now about your new piece of art. But has anyone asked you if you know how to take care of it properly? Never fear, our 5 top tips for a new tattoo will help you not only keep it healthy, but help prolong its life too.


  1. Don’t mess

Everyone is going to want to see your new ink. Try and resist the temptation to keep getting it out and showing everyone. Keep any covering on for the time specified by your artist. Don’t keep taking it off to show people and putting it back. Keeping it secret for that little bit longer reduces the risk of infection and scarring. You also make sure that it doesn’t touch your cloths and rub.


  1. Keep it clean

Make sure your hands are clean and dry before you start to remove your wrapping. Think eating a pizza, chilli on your fingers, you rub your eye… See where I’m going with this? So, make sure you are all clean and dry so you aren’t getting anything in there that shouldn’t be. Gently wash the tattoo with a non-perfumed soap, our crocwash is perfect. Don’t rub or scrub, that’s just going to hurt.


  1. Keep it covered

It’s tempting to go out in the sun and flash that fresh inked flesh. but until your tat has healed try and keep it covered with loose clothing and out of the sun. Avoid swimming or long baths and try and keep your skin as dry as possible.


  1. Keep it moisturised

By day 2/3 your tattoo might have a duller appearance and have a few scabs. Don’t worry, its normal, it’s only your skin healing. Keep it clean and apply a fragrance free, alcohol free moisturiser like our Croclite. It's natural skin rejuvenating ingredients ensures the optimal healing conditions for your tattoo.


  1. Don’t Pick

We know, it ITCHES! Resist the temptation to scratch it. You will break the sensitive new skin forming. It increases the risk of infection and could create nasty scars that will spoil your lovely new tat. Keep it clean and soothed with our Croclite or CrocOil.


Depending on the size and intricacy of your tattoo it can take several weeks to heal. Make sure you keep up your washing and moisturising routine. If you are out and about why not try our duo pots. Clever little pots for you to treat on the go, one pot of wash and one pot of Croclite.


The more moisturised you keep your skin the more vivid your colours will be over a longer period of time. Tattoos with a lot of colour can fade in the sun if over exposed so make sure you use a good sun cream. If your colours fade a little then go back to moisturising. Use Croclite or CrocOil once a day to bring the colours back out.


Have any concerns about swelling or pain in a new tattoo? Always go back to see your artist and get them to check you out. They are experts at what they do and will be able to help you. They know how long things take to heal so always listen to the advice they give you on how to look after a new tattoo.


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