Professional tattoo aftercare products plus artist promotion

Grow your brand and build a greater appreciation for your work while benefiting from our world-class products. Join CrocArt’s International Elite Artist Network.

The CrocArt network now boasts over 100 amazingly talented artists. In the last two years, the network has grown. It is also attracting talent from across Europe and the United States. This means more significant opportunities for travel for our Elite Artists.

Here are the main benefits of joining the Elite Network…


Our world class, professional tattoo aftercare products are completely unique. By joining our network of tattoo artists and studios you’ll have access to specialist products that are only available to the CrocArt Elite. All of our members (many of whom are award-winning artists) have discovered the CrocArt range is superior to other brands in the industry, and switched to using our range.

We only supply select  artists in any given area. By keeping our numbers limited we are better able to support our fantastic artists. By partnering only with the best, we’re better able to promote your work, in your area. 

Our members all enjoy a free page on our website, dedicated to showcasing their artistic talents, along with ongoing marketing support.

The Professional Range

Our professional tattoo aftercare range consists of CrocOil Pure, CrocPro Process Cream, plus studio exclusive packs of CrocLite Aftercare.


CrocOil is a Pre-Treatment and a boost partner to ProBalm

Prescribed to clients at the appointment making stage. CrocOil Pure is perfect if they have skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis. Used for three to four weeks before their appointment day. Skin will be dramatically improved. Softened and in a much better condition to accept and keep ink for a better end-result.

Use CrocOil Pure during the tattoo process. A comfort boost if a customer is prone to abnormal redness. Ideal for those who need rest breaks in sensitive areas such as skull or ditch work.

Using cling film? Apply a few drops at the end of the session to reduce redness and inflammation. Helping to reduce pain.

Use CrocOil Pure in conjunction with various second skin products. Helping to heal quicker, reducing the time the second skin needs to be leaving on.

Studio Size 50ml

ProBalm Process Cream.

ProBalm has been developed in conjunction with some of the country’s leading tattoo artists.

ProBalm is silky smooth to use. Full of the anti-redness and skin-calming properties of Crocodile oil.
CrocOil is high in vitamins, and essential fatty acids, as well as oleic and linoleic acids and it, is this combination of natural ingredients that makes ProBalm so unique.
The demand for a more oily, high melt factor process product, has resulted in this premium quality balm. Like all CrocArt products, our ProBalm laced with 100% pure crocodile oil, is all a discerning tattoo artist would want from a Process Balm.
The balm goes oily quickly. There’s no white residue and very little rubbing is required, designed to leave the stencil intact.

Available in 200ml tubs.



A latex-free matt tattoo skin, ultra-thin, super strong and waterproof.

CrocSkin is designed to enhance the way tattoos heal.

Ultra thin 0.01mm thick, CrocSkin is flexible and strong, making it easier to apply and keep on. It's waterproof and breathable so reduces the risk of sweat and irritation.

Available as 15cm x 10m rolls.

CrocSkin Tattoo Film


Tattoo premium aftercare 10ml pots only to CrocArt studios.

CrocArt aims to drive more clients to artists and studios. Creating products and services that help to set them apart from their competitors.


Tattoo premium aftercare combo 8ml pots only to CrocArt studios.

CrocArt aims to drive more clients to artists and studios. Our combo pots are great for aftercare on the go.


Our goal is to have at most 200 CrocArt Elite Studios across the UK. Interested? Will your work compliment and strengthen our Network?

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